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Mihai Ungureanu


Born in 1958 in Craiova – Romania; 

Graduated from the Ciprian Ροrumbescu Music Academy in Bucharest, in 1981. He studied piano with Dan Grigore and Ιoana Minei; 

Concert Soloist with the Oltenia Philharmonic” in Craiova; 

Artistic Director: 2001-2003; 2012-2016 

General Manager: 1990-2000; 2003-2009 

First Prize in 1985 and 1987 at the National Contest-Festival for Soloists and the Prize of the Musicians and Theater Artists' Association in 1986; 

Recordings for Radio and Television; 

Records for Electrecord (Romania), Edipan (ltaly), Gallo V.D. (Switzerland), BELLA MUSICA, Bayer Records, Hastedt, ARS MUSICI (Germany); 

Τοurs for concerts and recitals in USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Portugal, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, ex-Yugoslavia, former USSR, Republic of Moldova, Iran; 

Coordinated master classes in USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Moldova; 

Regularly jury member of International Music Contests: Viotti - Valsesia, Città di Cantú - Como, Franz Schubert - Italy. 2 



... Mihai Ungureanu has been the evening's revelation, playing Brahms' Concerfo No 2. The technical difficulties of the Concerto seemed to bring no problems to this young pianist... Listening to him we have enjoyed that kind of touch, characteristic of Brahms, with a breath of calmness and quietude, with ample expression of tidy pauses... (Muzica Magazine) 

... the interpretation of Pascal Bentoiu’s 2nd Concerto attested that Mihai Ungureanu's feeling and thoughtful logic are the result of laborious studies. The soberness of his expressiveness flows naturally from his honest attitude towards the musical score... (Muzica Magazine) 

... Playing Dinu Lipatti’s Concertino, Mihai Ungureanu set vigorously upon it…and his artistry gained importance and eloquence... (Muzica Magazine) 

… The orchestra-soloist s collaboration in Beethoven s Imperial was performed as a fulfillment of a complex symphonic drama… Mihai Ungureanu - a first ranker among the young generation of Romanian interpreters -… proved to be an ideal interpreter of this concerto… (Crοnica, Iasi) 

... In Beethoven s Imperial, Mihai Ungureanu was brilliant, full of zest, but lyrical at the same time (first part)... with high nuance and masterly color, full of refinement and generosity (second part)... with stormy outbursts (third part), thus accomplishing a variety of nuance with this sonorous, imposing piece... (Flacara Iasiului) 

…The pianist Mihai Ungureanu, who can perform only since 1990 outside Romania, used this disadvantage for his own advantage. He performed his part exclusively plastic and clear, strong-patiently inside but also agile and flexible, and gave the Intermezzo of the Sonata in F Minor op. 5 by Brahms nuances in spite of the fact, the piano was not very colours spendable. (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) 

... Actually this event of the Brahms-house in Baden-Baden should have been dedicated to Mihai Ungureanu... considered the best pianist of his country... Mihai Ungureanu is a complete musician, not a person, who learned to play the piano for knowing musical literature and having a profession. On the contrary: he needs the piano, which is subordinated to him, to give expression to the music, which he feels, which is inside of him. With only one instrument he is revealing the sound of different instruments, every voice receives a colour, proper for itself. The large scale from the most delicate pianissimo to the strongest fortissimo allows an articulation of deepest emotions... (Badische Neueste Nachrichten) 


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