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In cooperation with the state-recognized Music University  "Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali Nocera Terinese" in Italy, the "Music Academy Neue Sterne Hanover" offers a Bachelor of Music degree in composition, piano, voice and the stringed instruments  - violin, viola, cello and other orchestral instruments on. The duration of this bachelor's degree is 6 semesters.

The exams and lectures required for this course are held in Hanover. The prerequisite for the course is the successfully passed entrance exam and knowledge of German (level B1).

A preparatory year with intensive specialist instruction is possible for foreign students.

Special Program: Master of Piano Education

This is a special education course specifically for the Piano Teachers. 2 Years education program included the following disciplines, which the student may receive also in online form.
Theoretical Courses:
Piano Pedagogy, Technique and Virtuosity, The choice of Repertoire, Preparation to the Competitions, Pedal, Problems on Stage, Art of sound and touch, Interpretation, Knowledge of Contemporary Piano Literature, Piano as a chamber music partner, Accompaniment, Performances with Orchestra
36 Lessons during one year


01. Juli 2023

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