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1. Copy of passport or any birthday certificate

2. Biography

3. Recording of video or audio of free program maximum 30 minutes in length.

4. The application form is available here

5. Application fee : 150 €

has been remitted to the:
Music Academy Neue Sterne Hannover
(any bank charges to be paid additionally by the applicant)

Deutsche Bank Hannover
IBAN: DE90 2507 0024 0867 134900

The applicant will be informed about her/his entrance exam in Hannover, where each applicant will perform a solo program between 20 and 30 minutes including :

1. Barock composition
2. Etude
3. First part of the classical sonata
4. One free composition

After the last examination Each Student will receive the „Music Artist Diploma“.

We believe that our academy will bring a great success to many talented pianists , as well a great interest to people, who in our difficult time still thinking of the culture and education future generation.


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